The royal essence system royal essence custom blend skincare system

system uses Base Blends, Additive Blends, and a Training Manual of
formulations to create personalized formulas of high end organic
skin care products just for your client’s skin needs. Now you can
have a serious skin care line with your name on each





These are the cleansers,
toners. moisturizers, exfoliating scrubs and nourishing mask bases.
Good products in themselves, they become much stronger ~ up to a
30%+ professional strength ~ by adding Additive Blends. These
additives will give you several different skin care lines in one,
depending on your client’s skin type and any skin conditions that
are present.



and Cosmeceutical Blends

your typical treatment serums, these actives and cosmeceuticals
boost your skin care formulas with extremely potent skin
nutrients and vitamins, creating the ultimate skin conditioning

and Hydrosol Blends

plant extracts and distillate waters are the absolute best skin
hydrators. In place of diluting water, these products will liquefy
your bases to an easy non-tugging pliable soft cream or
gel while adding nourishing and skin balancing

and Essential Oil Blends

and penetrating cold pressed vegan oils nourish the skin while
adding lubrication and protection. Essential oils are for
correcting the body and psyche and are carried deep into the skin by
the lipids. Therapeutic grade oils are blended for each skin
type to heal with aromatherapy.


Royal Essence Manual

personal book of formulas and instructions. You aren’t left alone,
trying to figure out what goes where and how much to use and when to
use it. Straightforward instructions give ratios, percentages and
suggestions on how to go about creating your own skin care formulas.
This takes you from ordering bottles, blending the blends and
labeling the bottle.





My skin
care products are
different from most other lines. We
must educate our clients that the traditional products they are so
accustomed to using are not good for their skin! No
thick products full of synthetic thickeners,
emulsifiers and binders. No heavy creams full of petrolatum and
waxes that need tugging to get on the skin or smother the pores. No
harmful chemicals, alcohols, glycols or preservatives. No diluting
water to weaken the actives. No artificial cover-up fragrances
to trigger sensitivities. I get the same reaction every time a
client uses a product, they are amazed at how soft and
smooth their skin becomes.


Hydrate, tone, hydrate and
tone some more.
cannot have too much hydration!
And, dehydration is usually
the root cause of skin conditions. This is why my products feel so
loose and liquid. The high organic aloe vera and hydrosol content
soaks into the skin and then the natural vegetable, nut, fruit and
seed oils seal the skin with a breathable barrier. Absorption may
not be instant with Royal Essence, but just watch the skin
you are treating. Skin doesn’t lie!


* The blend of preservatives
that I have chosen are natural and in varying degrees. These are
professional strength grapefruit seed extract, rosemary oleoresin
extract, and black willow bark. This gives the bases and additives a
shelf life of about one year. I do recommend refrigeration in your
salon if at all possible.


* I do use distilled water
in some base products but please note
where it is listed on the
ingredients list. Unlike most commercial products that list ‘aqua’
as the first ingredient, water is far down the list on my labels,
allowing a stronger formula. The potent Additive Blends do
not contain water. Also, I encourage you to use botanicals,
hydrosols and aloe vera in place of water if you need to soften a
formula into a more spreadable consistency.






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