It is very important to focus on the special religious needs of young people to maintain the growth in church membership from generation to generation.

Teaching youngsters is a completely different task as children aren’t likely to remain politely quiet if they aren’t interested in what’s going on unlike older parishioners. The discussions should be lively and the lessons must be exciting if you want your efforts to be successful.

You can also take help of the numerous youth ministry resources that are available nowadays. In the present scenario, there are two classes of Youth ministry resources, firstly the one for those you have to pay for and secondly, those that are free. The choice of youth ministry resources entirely depends on your actual wants and needs considering your budget. You can proceed with your search for specific items from youth ministry resources once you have decided your budget.

I would like to suggest few of my opinions. One of which is that you can organize a puppet show as they are one of the most popular youth ministry resources and young people of all ages respond tremendously to puppets. This could be a wonderful way to get your message to the masses. You can enact any scene of the Bible you want as there are several manufacturers that specialize in making a wide variety of Biblical characters. Moreover if you don’t have enough time to write your own then you can purchase ready-made scripts easily available in the market.

The other way is through music. This is the tried and tested means of connecting with your ministry’s younger members. Although finding songs with Christian lyrics to complement your lessons may be a difficult task. But you can take help of internet websites offering youth ministry resources and general help. This way you can reach the youngsters for whom you care so much and also save your time. Bible study guides, lists of discussion questions, videos, sermons, Power Point presentations, and story books are some of the popular youth ministry resources used widely these days.

It is a noble endeavor that requires determination, dedication, and perseverance to help teach youngsters the positive and lasting relationship with God. You can make your next Bible study group more interesting and rewarding by involving more youth ministry resources.

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