Album review: crimes of passion by pat benatar

The addition of Myron Grombach (drums) made the band and took the status of Pat Benatar to new heights. Texts, the content showed extensive growth spurt that is a rare commodity on a second album. Combining this with the role now completely changed Neil Giraldo it seems destined to take, whether it’s guitar licks, he wrote for himself or those of other authors, it is able to put its mark on all the songs.

Benatar’s voice is always on the edge of perfection, soft or hard, it pours every ounce of herself firmly on each track. On the one hand contains the ultimate rock tracks, starting with “Treat Me Right”, a contribution Benatar / Lubahn which sets the pace and drive. After the three opening beats to “Treat me well,” he clear that this is a group that has gained momentum. “You Better Run”, a song from their album Young Rascals Groovin 1967 ‘which was more than overshadowed by the explosion of their title track opens the door to Benatar and company to jam up, giving it a attack rock solid.

Superbly built on one side is “Never Want to Leave You”, which makes the listener want to sway to the rhythm provocateurs. The lyrics are sad, confused, unspoken between two people who are clearly in love and on the same page, but are in separate compartments of life. Then, the ransacking of the rock continues as “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” broke the top of the biggest hits of the rock.

Peaking at no. 2 is a crowd pleaser slam-dunk that will lift the masses out of their seats in every city of this band plays. Not written by the group, it will soon become one of their songs played signing rev the crowd in the middle of a set or can be used as a reminder. Anyway, no one will be sitting when it blasts through the speakers.

Haunting words based rock power agreements “Hell is for Children” can bring on tears of anger. It is a socially conscious song that should open the eyes of everyone listening to what can go behind the closed doors of the family. The rich and poor children are often used as punching bags for adults who are supposed to care for and raise their young.

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