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       i must say your site is one of the bestes ones i’ve been too.Its awesome!!!!



I found your proana site the most applicable out of all I have come across- I, too, am active duty military.  I have been on and off with EDs since I was in High School. I am currently out of college and stationed on board a ship.  I am at the highest weight(168 at 5’3″) of my life(I’m currently 22), and have pretty much lost control of my eating.  My low weight was 128 at the age of 19.  Essentially, the reason I am actually writing to someone on a pro-ana site, is because I saw that you were active duty.  I have difficulty hiding any ED because I am in a 12 man wardroom(note: man, I am one of two females on my entire boat) . I now find myself becoming bulimic, which has never been a part of my life and I do not wish it to be so. I have always been pro-ana and I wish to get back into that life. Do you have any hints on how to hide my lack of caloric intake?? It seems that guys always notice when I do not eat and I am not sure how to get around the way I am so singled out at chow.  Best of luck to you in all you do… I was in Hawaii actually about a month ago visiting my pseudo-boyfriend who is stationed out there. He is “pseudo” because well, I’m stationed on the east coast, and 6000 miles wasn’t easy to overcome at this age for a relationship; however, we intend to get back together when I transfer in a year and a half. Anyway… I’d appreciate any hints you might have. Have a good new year.



i came across your website today and i dont know when the last time is you updated it or if you still go on it or whatever, but it really helped me .  my friends recently suspected me of being ‘anorexic’ so now im extra careful and ive gained weight. i dont know what to do and i feel like even if i never eat again i’ll always be huge.



Dear Jen,

My name is Meggan and I am 20 years old. I just recently stummbled across your web site; it’s so wonderful! Most of the pro ana web sites are shut down, and so it is hard to find one up and running these days. I have struggled with ana and mia for almost 3 or  years now.  Anyways, I read that you are in the US Army, and that struck me hard because I am too! I just joined and I’m getting ready to go to bootcamp in Fort Jackson. I thought that I would never meet another woman in the entire world that was in the army and had an eating disorder, so this caught me by surprise! Maybe we could be a support system for each other or something on our weight (just an idea, don’t have to if ya don’t want to!). I would love if you would e mail me back!! This is so exciting, I can’t believe this, hehe!!  Hope to hear from ya soon!!



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