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Men and women believe that aging skin is inevitable as growing old is unavoidable; however with today’s advanced technologies looking younger than our age is made easy. ” are one of the results of today’s advanced technologies.

” products help in keeping our skin look younger. The formation of wrinkles is a direct result of the skin’s natural biological breakdown. The production of elastin and collagen in our skin slows down as we age that is why most anti wrinkle products have collagen listed in their ingredients. Collagen is the skin’s natural filler which makes youthful skin smooth and plump.

With the weakening of our skin’s elastin and collagen, our skin looks loose and lax, becomes thinner, and loses fat, so that it looks less plump and smooth. Gravity is also at work, pulling at the skin, causing it to sag. Anti wrinkle products helps to keep our skin more firm to prevent it from being pulled by gravity.

There are countless of anti wrinkle products on the market. Anti wrinkle products can be in the form of “, serums, injectibles or better know as derma fillers, make up, pills and herbs. Choosing among the numerous anti wrinkle products can be confusing.

Looking at what makes up anti wrinkle products may help one make a choice. Although there are many different anti wrinkle products on the market, formulations may differ but ingredients used in these anti wrinkle products are basically the same.

Effective anti wrinkle products have retinoic acid. Retinols, retinoids or Retin-A are derived from Vitamin A. Makers of anti wrinkle products very well know that Vitamin A is an antioxidant that protects the skin from environmental free radicals that damage skin at the cellular level. This ingredient in anti wrinkle products is approved by the FDA as safe and effective for reversing some of the effects of sun damage.

Hydroxy Acids be it alpha, beta or poly hydroxy acids are also used in most anti wrinkle products. These are derived from natural or synthetic fruit sugars. The hydroxy acids in anti wrinkle products exfoliate the dead skin on top revealing the ” below.

Anti wrinkle products would not be complete without nutrients and minerals listed in their ingredients. Copper, CoEnzyme Q10, plant-based Kinetin, and peptides or proteins are some examples used by anti wrinkle products to stimulate collagen production, enhance antioxidant performance against free radical cells and lock-in moisture to improve the skin’s texture.

Tea extracts are also used by some anti wrinkle products. Green tea or black tea extracts in anti wrinkle products have been shown to exert anti-inflammatory properties that act to soothe skin irritation. All good anti-wrinkle products include sunscreens since it is a fact that the UV rays of the sun does damage to skin. As with everything that concerns our body, it is best to carefully research the anti wrinkle products you may want to use especially if there are known side effects.

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