Mount Sinai – Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP)


Sinai School of Medicine’s Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP)
provides didactic training and mentoring in the principles of clinical
research to individuals in order to assist them in the development
of fundamental skills, methodology, and theory necessary for the well-trained,
independent, clinical researcher.

Participants are taught
to analyze new diagnostic techniques and approaches in the study of
disease pathophysiology, and to evaluate them through
the proper design and conduct of clinical investigations. Didactic training
is provided in the first year; the second year is primarily devoted
to research, under the guidance of program advisors and the trainee’s

The instruction and infrastructure provided by the core curriculum
of the CRTP is funded trough a NIH grant (K30) (this is a tuition
based program). By completing additional courses (in the second year)
can apply and become proficient in the clinical research methodology
that was taught by the core curriculum of the CRTP by applying it
towards completing a thesis in order to matriculate for a NY State-approved
degree (the “,
also tuition based).

Since its founding more than 150 years ago, Mount
Sinai has continuously supported clinical investigation as a model
of excellence for medical care, research and education. Mount Sinai
encourages interdisciplinary interactions between clinician and
researcher with the goal of advancing the understanding of disease pathogenesis
and clinical outcomes. The principal aim of the CRTP is to provide
outstanding physician scientists with a strong foundation in the
of clinical research, and with the skills to establish and conduct
clinical research programs.

Currently, the program is open only to MSSM fellows or faculty.

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