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Meeting the Needs of our Patients through
Compounding and Home Healthcare Supplies

What is a “compounding” pharmacyand how can it help meet the needs of patients?

In every medical practice there are a few patients who do not respond to traditional treatments, or who have a unique need.  Working with your physician, we can create custom-tailored medications, individualized according to the physician’s order.

Compounding can fill a need in overcoming these obstacles.  Concentrations can be changed.  We can change a formulation to change a flavor.  Side effects such as gastrointestinal distress can be eliminated by putting the medication in a gel.

Manufacturers often discontinue products due to decreased utilization.  However, there are often patients for whom this drug provided relief.  Using pharmaceutical-grade chemicals and specialized equipment, we can compound a medication containing the same drug as the discontinued product, perhaps in a different flavor.

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