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1. “   $9 dental plan with vision and prescription (Rx). Order online today, see the dentist tomorrow! Up to 70% savings. Braces, dentures, implants and pre-existing conditions included. Over 20 years in business. Trust us first.   “     2. “   Up To 80% Savings on Dental, Vision, Prescriptions & Chiropractic Care! Orthodontists & Specialists included. No Waiting Period – No Claim Forms – No Age Limit Pre-Existing conditions covered!   “     3. “   Special promotion. Starting July 1st thru 31st. Only $1.00 your first month, then $19.95 for entire family or $11.95 for individual per month. Includes Vision, Rx, and Chiropractic benefits. Save up to 80% nation wide. High value dental health benefits.   “     4. “   Ameriplan Dental Benefits Plan. Local Dentist. $11.95 mo Single/$19.95 Family. No Waiting Period, Pre-existing Conditions OK! Call Toll Free Or Enroll Online! Save up to 80% on Dental, 50% on Prescriptions, 60% on Vision and 50% on Chiropractic Care.   “       “

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