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The Apple Watch has arrived.  While it does the expected, works as a phone, receives texts and emails, and can store and play music, it also has the potential to improve your health and fitness. The Apple Watch can help you keep on top of your overall health.  It can remind you when you have appointments with health care professionals or when to take medications.  It’s also capable of displaying medication instructions, pill images, and prescribed dosages. It can also keep track of blood glucose levels. Perhaps the most impressive app is one that allows you to video chat with a physician for a per-minute fee with the simple press of a button. For those who like to workout the Apple Watch has available apps to help you reach your fitness goals. The watch works at least as a pedometer, with various apps that can track distance, time, and calories burned.  It also lets you set your fitness goals for the day and alerts you when you’ve achieved them. There is an installed heart rate monitor but it can be inaccurate.  Also because there is no GPS, runners and cyclists must bring their phones with them to track distance. It should also be noted that when using the installed heart rate monitor the watch’s battery life is limited to six hours compared to eighteen when using only the watch’s basic functions.  The Apple Watch has great potential and, with time, there should be more high quality, health related apps to choose

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