Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Receive Help Here.


experience has been that families, as well as the individual with the
chemical dependence problem, have a problem with priorities. This means
that the family can mistakenly reward the disease instead of recovery
and prevent the teen from learning.

The process of addiction leads the family members to feel in a certain
way and to react to the addict in a certain way also. Many families attempt
to reward the addict for normal behavior when that is the last thing they
should do. The teen must learn that the world does not work that way.
Many addicts develop a way of thinking that demands that the world “pay
him his due.” “The world owes me a living,” is a common
thought process. It is for this reason that I’ve entitled this essay “Don’t
buy that car.” You may be doing it out of fear and/or guilt. </span>

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