Pilates at Holistic Health Associates


Focusing on “core strengthening”,  these forms of exercise promote the use of breath and the strengthening of the abdominal muscles as the keys to health.  As we view the lower abdomen as the “energetic core” of the body, concentration on this area can increase energy levels and slow the aging process by preserving the innate reservoir of energy which resides there.  The lower abdomen is an important energetic center in modalities such as pilates, yoga, Chinese medicine, the shakra system, ayurvedic medicine and meditation.

Beginning levels concentrate on abdominal strengthening, stretching and breathing.  Intermediate and advanced levels involve intense abdominal strengthening along with breathing and stretching.  

A combination of two forms, yogalates incorporates the basic yoga positions with abdominal strengthening and breathing, adding increased flexibility and balance to core strengthening.

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